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About Us

We are Madison, Wisconsin's Returned Peace Corps Volunteers group.

The Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Wisconsin – Madison group was formed in the 1970s as a social organization. Members found camaraderie in their shared experiences. Further, Peace Corps founders had given volunteers a mission: to return to their communities and use their experiences to create understanding among people. This is known as the Third Goal. As part of early community outreach, the group established a speakers’ bureau and created and taught lessons on Latin American and African culture in Madison schools.


Our primary mission in creating and producing the International Calendar is to address the 3rd goal of the Peace Corps: to promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of US citizens.


We are a group of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and other individuals who promote Peace Corps ideals by:

  • supporting a social network for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers
  • promoting cultural understanding and awareness of international issues
  • supporting the Peace Corps’ mission and active volunteers
  • collaborating and volunteering with non-profit organizations aligned with our goals


The Loret Miller Ruppe Award for Outstanding Community Service went to the RPCVs of Wisconsin-Madison twice:

  • 2015 for the ‘we all’ posters
  • 1994 for the International Calendar