Buenos Aires, Argentina

The joyful, effervescent spirit of the tango is alive and well on the streets of the working-class neighborhood of La Boca in Buenos Aires. When the pressures of daily life seem unbearable, a stroll down the colorful Caminito de la Boca can revive even the most jaded of souls. A sip of yerba maté. A thrilling glimpse of artistic brilliance. An unforced smile from a street performer lost in the glide of the tango. These simple pleasures breathe life into a people and evoke in each of us a thirst to return and reconnect with one another as equal spirits, dancing together across time and culture.
Photo © 2006 Justin Mog
Peace Corps Volunteer
Paraguay 2005-2008


Argentina/República Argentina
Southern South America, bordering South Atlantic Ocean, between Chile and Uruguay. Rich plains of the Pampas in north, flat to rolling plateau of Patagonia in south, rugged Andes on western border. 2,780,400 km2 (slightly < 30% of the US), 10% arable.

Capital Buenos Aires (12.9M)

Population 42.2M (15.2/km2)

Life expectancy 77 years


Literacy 97%

Lang(s) Spanish OFFICIAL, Italian, English, German, French

Religions Roman Catholic 92%, Protestant 2%, Jewish 2%, other 4%

Ethnic Groups White (mostly Spanish and Italian) 97%, mestizo, Amerindian or other non-whites 3%

Gov’t Republic

GDP/cap $17,400

PCVs 1992-94, business development, environ­mental and health education. Volunteers to date: 38.

Nat’l holiday Día de la Patria, 25 May (1810)

indigenous design from Argentina

Fileteado decorative art.
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Focus word for 2012 - "Friendship"

Spanish (OFFICIAL): Amistad (ah-MEE-stad)
Italian: Amicizia (ah-MEE-chee-tzia)
German: Freundschaft (froind-shaft)


Nine Queens (Nueve reinas), Fabian Bielinsky (2010)


On a Hoof and a Prayer
by Polly Evans
Book Description
Subtitled Exploring Argentina at a Gallop and published in 2007, On a Hoof and a Prayer is the account of journalist Polly Evans learning to ride a horse in the land of the gauchos, and then going on to explore Argentinean culture, customs and history.

Kids' Books

The Disappeared
by Gloria Whelan
Publisher: New York: Dial Books, c2008
ISBN-13: 978-0-8037-3275-9
136 pages
Ages 12+