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Armenia 2017




As the November dusk falls, lights flicker on in the small khanuts, or shops, that line the streets of every Armenian community. Small-scale entrepreneurs form the backbone of Armenia’s post-Soviet economy, as Armenians struggle with the crumbling infrastructure that accompanied independence in 1991. Outdated resources combine with a spirit of ingenuity that is uniquely Armenian to make repair and creative re-use the bywords of everyday life in Armenia. In good times and bad, cobblers like this somehow always manage to be busy.
– Tamara England-Zelenski ©2013 | PCV Armenian 2011–2013|Education

Note: Armenian script to come
Southwestern Asia

Area 29.7K km²

Population 3M (101/km²)

Gov’t Republic

Capital Yerevan (1M)

GCP/capita $8,400

Unemployment 18%

In poverty 32%

Life expectancy 74 yrs

Infact Mortality 14/K live births


Literacy 100%

Languages Armenian, Kurdish, Russian, other

Religions Armenian Apostolic 93%, Evangelical 1%, other/none 6%

Labor Force Agriculture 39%, industry 17%, services 44%

PCVs 1992–present CURRENT: 78, English Education, Community & Youth Development; TTD: 945