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Armenia 2017 Films

Film: If Only Everyone
Director: Nataliya Belyauskene , 2012
Languages: Armenian
Drama/War ‧ 1h 38m
Summary: The story of friendship between an Armenian veteran of the Nagorno-Karabakh war and the daughter of one of his fallen comrades.

Sasha, a girl from Russia, travels Armenia to find a Nagorno-Karabakh war veteran named Gurgen. After finding him, she tells him that she would like to visit and plant a tree at the grave of her father, who died in the war serving with Gurgen. He, however, is not very interested and directs her to a village to find some of the others who served with her father during the war. Responsibility eventually gets a hold of Gurgen as he steals a car from his mechanic shop and makes the trip with the young girl. After assembling some of the members of Sasha's father's unit, Gurgen has a hard time with the process. He feels guilty for Sasha's father's death since it was his capture that led to the rescue operation that took his life. Furthermore, he doesn't know how to tell Sasha that her father's grave is actually on the other side of the front line. When they eventually reach the military post at the front, the commander in charge refuses to approve their plans.
During the night, Gurgen and Sasha make the trip across and are able to plant the tree. As the sun rises, an Azerbaijani villager sees the two and captures them with his rifle. After questioning them, he finds out the reason they are visiting the grave and breaks into tears, having lost his 10-year-old son during the war. He lets them go with the promise that they'll plant one at the grave of his son on the Armenian side. After planting the tree at the young boy's grave, they begin their trek back to town. While stopping for a restroom break, the bodyguards of the oligarch whose car Gurgen had stolen catch up with them. They beat the veterans and take the car, leaving them stranded. Sasha, who did not see the scene that took place, finds the men and tries to ask in broken Armenian, "Are you alright?" Finding humor in her terrible Armenian, they all break down in hysterical laughter.

NOTE Controversy arose around the film when Azerbaijani writer Elchin Huseynbeyli claimed that the plot of the film contains many of the same elements as his story Sun Blinding (Azerbaijani: Gözlərimə gün düşür), written in early 2010. However, Michael Poghosyan (writer of "If Only Everyone") claims that he wrote the script in early 2010 after meeting with people who lived through the war and the production followed in the spring of 2010. Additionally, Michael Poghosyan stated, "We could similarly accuse the Azerbaijanis of stealing the story of our film Longing, where the main hero crossed a border to die in his homeland."

Armenian entry for the Best Foreign Language Oscar at the 85th Academy Awards, but did not make the shortlist.

Film: Lost & Found in Armenia
Director: Gor Kirakosian, 2013
Languages: English and Armenian
Comedy | 1h 40m
Summary: On a vacation in Turkey after a bad breakup, a parasailing accident leaves Bill stranded in a small Armenian village, where he is accused of being a spy. There he meets a young woman (Angela Sarafyan) who helps him escape from misfortune.

6.4/10IMDb67%Rotten Tomatoes

Film: Orphans of the Genocide
Director: Bared Maronian , 2014 (initial release date 2010)
Languages: English and Armenian
Summary: Orphans of the Genocide was written and directed by four-time regional Emmy Award-winning American-Armenian filmmaker Bared Maronian, and deals with the Armenian Genocide: By the end of WWI over 150,000 Armenian children were left parentless as a direct result of the Armenian Genocide perpetrated by the Ottoman Authorities. Near East Relief commissioned by the US Congress catered to over 132,000 Armenian orphans alone.

Film was premiered in 2015 at the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.