Czech Republic

The ‘Czech Republic’ brings to mind the urban, architectural splendors of Prague, the folk-inspired compositions of Dvorak, the emboldened reforms of the Velvet Revolution. A leisurely trip through the rolling green hills of the Czech countryside, however, reveals yet another aspect of this picturesque land — its farming communities where one might come upon a farmer feeding her ducks much as her forebears have done for centuries. It is, though, a way of life in decline as farm prices make it hard to make ends meet and young people, feeling the pull of bright city lights, leave the land behind.
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Czech Republic/Ceská Republika
Central Europe, between Germany, Poland, Slovakia, and Austria. Bohemia (west) rolling plains, hills and plateaus surrounded by low mountains, Moravia (east) very hilly. 78,867 km2 (slightly < SC), 39% arable.

Capital Prague (1.2M).

Population 10M (129km2).

Life expectancy 77 years.

HIV/AIDS < 0.1%.

Literacy 99%.

Lang(s) Czech 95%, Slovak 2%, other 2%, unspecified 1%.

Religions Roman Catholic 27%, Protestant 2%, other 3%, unspeci­fied 9%, unaffiliated 59%.

Ethnic Groups Czech 90%, Moravian 4%, Slovak 2%, other 4%.

Gov’t Parliamentary Democracy
GDP/cap $25,900.

PCVs 1990-97; business, education, environment, health. Volunteers to date: 234..

Nat’l holiday Czechoslovak Founding Day, 28 October (1918)

indigenous design from Czech Republic

Kralice egg design.
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Czech: Pátelství (prah-tell-stvee)
Slovak: Priatel’stvo (pria-tell-stvoh)


The Firemen's Ball (Hori, ma panenko), Milos Forman (1967)


The Twelve Little Cakes
by Dominika Dery
Book Description
In this memoir, published in 2004, poet and playwright Dominika Dery tells of her life growing up in a village near Prague in the 1970s, as the daughter of dissidents in the wake of the 1968 "Prague Spring".

Kids' Books

The Three Golden Keys
by Peter Sis
Publisher: New York: Doubleday, 1994
ISBN-10: 0-385-47292-7
Ages 6-9