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Films 2015 - Mongolia - Morin Khuur - The Soul Of The Mongolian Horseman

Morin Khuur - The Soul Of The Mongolian Horseman

Director: Benoît Ségur for UNESCO's Living Cultures, 2013

Language: English and Mongolian

The steppes of Mongolia, in the heart of Central Asia, sometimes echo with the haunting sound of music that reaches into the hearts of animals and men. Omba is one of the last teachers of the morin khuur, a unique traditional fiddle, developed from the bond between the horsemen people and their mounts. Four young students are among the few children lucky enough to receive Omba’s teaching. They spend several months with her, to learn about this magical instrument, which is said to have healing powers. But first, they must train hard and fill themselves with the sounds of nature. When they return to their city, they will perform a concert in the theater of the provincial capital, to help perpetuate this oral tradition.