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Films 2015 - Mozambique - Life after Death (Vida despues de la muerte)

Life after Death (Vida después de la muerte)

Director: Jorge A. Borda, 2013

Language: English, Spanish
51 minutes – Spain / USA

Mozambique is bordered by South Africa and Tanzaniaand the channel that bears its name. The capital, Maputo, has a population of 1.3 million and is its political, administrative and judicial center. The capital is overcrowded with immigrants from the country's interior, where the opportunities for work are few. The contrast between the prosperous ruling class and the bulk of the population is huge. The poverty rate is over 50% and life expectancy is around 50 years... one of the lowest on the continent.

These figures do not even take into account the AIDS epidemic. Despite its late arrival in Mozambique, the devastating effect of AIDS is anticipated to cause a 10-year drop in life expectancy.

After suffering a bloody 15-year war, Mozambique is currently one of the world's 15 poorest countries. Of the population of 25 million, half live below the absolute poverty line... with 30% living in extreme poverty. The lack of an economic infrastructure means that social instability is a latent factor, particularly in combination with natural disasters that can leave many families destitute. The marks of war and hunger can be seen everywhere.

Mutilations are a constant sight, as are disease, extreme poverty, and the inhumane conditions under which the population lives. The film suggests that it is incumbent upon developed countries to take immediate action to provide help.

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