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Films 2015 - Nepal - Loot


Director: Nischal Basnet, 2012

Language: Nepali

Wikipedia: A crime action film set in contemporary Kathmandu, Nepal, where five ordinary guys try to find quick ways to get rich—including a plot to rob a bank in Kathmandu.

Loot features a soundtrack comprising mostly modern music. "Udhreko Choli" has become popular among young Nepalese. Nischal Basnet gave voice to the male part in the item song and Indira Joshi sang the female part.

It is considered as a cult Nepali film which urban youth can relate to mainly because of the dialect used. (In Nepal, Loot was certified “A” in its original release form, but some dialogues had to be censored to exhibit in cinema. Director Nischal Basnet has cited that due to the censored conversations, Loot was not allowed to be screened in India.)