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Films 2015 - Sri Lanka - The Road from Elephant Pass (Alimankada)

The Road from Elephant Pass (Alimankada)

Director: Chandran Rutnam, 2008

Language: Sinhalese and Tamil with English subtitles
120 minutes – Sri Lanka

The Road from Elephant Pass is a 2008 action thriller film set during the Sri Lankan Civil War, based on the novel The Road from Elephants Pass by Nihal De Silva.

SYNOPSIS: The story focuses on the themes of war and survival in a complicated relationship, involving characters of different races and from opposing liberation organisations.

Sri Lankan Army Captain Wasantha Ratnayake is ordered to guard Kamala Velaithan, a member of LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam), and to deliver her to army headquarters in Colombo. However, due to ambushes and injuries along the way, Kamala and Wasantha are forced into a mutually co-operative situation, which broadens and deepens to the point where they find it hard to operate without the other. A relationship grows between these two people, who started out as enemies. Together, they survive poachers, elephants, and the extreme dangers of the jungle. These intense experiences, which force them to co-operate, eventually evolve into an unexpected love affair.