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Films 2015 - Vanuatu - Love Patrol (TV series)

Love Patrol (TV series)

Director: Peter Walker, 2007

Language: English
21-minute episodes – Vanuatu

Wikipedia: Love Patrol is a ni-Vanuatu television series. It is the first locally-produced television series in Vanuatu. Produced by Wan Smolbag Theatre, it is a soap opera with a serious message, intended primarily to educate viewers on the topic of AIDS. It also tackles youth unemployment, police brutality, and the hypocrisy of keeping youth uninformed about sex. UNAIDS reported that it explores "the growing issues of high rates of STIs among young people, high teenage pregnancy, lack of discourse on sex, and risk taking behaviours in [...] Pacific communities". It has been described as an "edutainment" series.

Fiji Times review: "Love Patrol centres on the life of Mark, a detective who works in a police station in an urban centre somewhere in the Pacific. Mark desperately wants his wife to have a child but he gets caught up with Rita, a singer in a bar. The series also involves a gang of boys who steal from a minister's house, and the search for the boys exposes the other side of paradise. The mini-series aims to look at the causes of the growing HIV/AIDS epidemic in the region."