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Ghana 2017 Films

Film: Mummy's Daughter
Director: Frank Rajah Arase , 2006
Languages: English
Summary: Frank Rajah Arase (Beyonce the President's Daughter, Darkness of Sorrow) is carving out a name for himself in this, one of his best productions yet. He is able to bring out the best in the dream team trio of Jackie Appiah, Van Vicker and Nadia Buari, reunited again as the leads in his ensemble cast for this old tale of the wicked stepmother.

It's not exactly Cinderella, and it's not Ever-After either. It is unique it is own way. A man keeps a secret from his wife and the secret comes back to haunt him one day when his wife catches him in public with another woman and child. Before long, the man is involved in a life threatening car accident and on his deathbed he confesses to his wife that he had a girlfriend before he married her and that she became pregnant. Rather than destroy lives, he decided to marry his wife and keep the girlfriend and her child on the side. Knowing that the girlfriend has died the man entrusts the child in the care of his wife right before he dies.

Fifteen years later, the child Anita (played by Nadia Buari) has grown up thinking that her stepmother is her actual mother but the wicked ways of the woman she calls “mother” forces her to ask questions. Her mother treats her own daughter (played by Jackie Appiah) like a princess yet treats Anita like a slave girl. One day, Anita decides to look for a job so that she can fend for herself. She finds a job in the company of one of her mother's friends. There she catches the eye of her boss's son (played by Van Vicker), who instantly falls in love with her. Little does the budding couple know that Anita's stepmother has been shadowing the same man for her own daughter. All hell breaks lose when the mother discovers the two lovebirds kissing one night.

Film: Emmanuel's Gift
Director: Lisa Lax and Nancy Stern , 2005
This documentary tells the story of 27-year-old Ghanaian Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah, born with a deformed leg. The disabled are often disdained or even murdered at birth in Africa, but Emmanuel is determined to be a part of society. After receiving a bicycle, thanks to a grant for handicapped athletes, Emmanuel rides across Ghana, challenging stereotypes in the process. Emmanuel travels to America to receive a prosthetic leg and spreads awareness of human rights for the disabled everywhere he goes.

IMDB: If you are born disabled in Ghana, West Africa you are likely to be poisoned, or left to die by your family; and if you are not poisoned or left for dead, you're likely to be hidden away in a room; and if you're not hidden, you are destined to spend your lifetime begging on the streets. Of the twenty million people in Ghana, two million are disabled. This is the story of one disabled man whose mission-and purpose- is to change all that forever. In Emmanuel's Gift, filmmakers Lisa Lax and Nancy Stern have uncovered a story as compelling as it is important. Narrated by Oprah Winfrey, the film chronicles the life of Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah, a young Ghanaian man born with a severely deformed right leg, who today, against incalculable odds, is opening minds, hearts and doors-and effecting social and political change throughout his country. While Emmanuel's message is vital: people with disabilities are valuable contributors to any society, his method is inspirational. Emmanuel begins his quest with a bicycle ride, over 600 kilometers, across Ghana with one leg-and continues to spread his vision with grit and resolve. Lisa Lax and Nancy Stern have been documenting Emmanuel's plight for over a year, having shot over 100 hours of powerful imagery. The film includes original footage shot in Ghana, California, Oregon and New York, as well as photographs and other acquired film/video of Emmanuel's early years. Through it all, they have created an intimate insight into the mind and heart of a visionary whose unforgettable journey transcends continents and cultures and becomes each of ours to share.