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Ghana 2017




Chants of "three times one is three,” “three times two is six,” and “three times three is nine” fill the air and drift through the village during this open-air math class. The chalkboard leaning against a large shade tree provides the lesson. Being outdoors is an interesting—though potentially distracting—alternative to a hot and crowded classroom.
– Mary Crave ©2009

Republic of Ghana
Western Africa

Area 239K km²

Population 26.3M (110/km²)

Gov’t Constitutional Democracy

Capital Accra (2.3M)

GCP/capita $4,300

Unemployment 5%

In poverty 24%

Life expectancy 66 yrs

Infact Mortality 37/K live births


Literacy 77%

Languages English, Asante, Ewe, Fante, other

Religions Christian 71%, Muslim 18%, traditional 5%

Labor Force Agriculture 45%, industry 14%, services 41%

PCVs 1961–present CURRENT: 133, Education, Agriculture, Health; TTD: 4,495