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Beautifully embroidered and embellished costumes are a hallmark of the Kalbelia nomads of India’s desert state of Rajasthan. In former times, the Kalbelia and other nomads provided musical and dancing entertainment for royalty. Today they still travel to fairs and festivals, where they perform and participate in folk dances and other celebrations.
– John Donelson ©2016
PCV Ghana 1965–1966
Secondary School Math & Science Teacher

República del Perú
Western South America

Area 1.3M km2 (54th)

Population 30.4 mil (23/km²)

Gov’t Constitutional Republic

Capital Lima (9.9M)

GCP/capita $12,300

Unemployment 9%

In poverty 26%

Life expectancy 73 yrs

Infact Mortality 20/1K live births


Literacy 95%

Languages Spanish, Quechua, Aymara

Religions Roman Catholic 81%, Evangelical 13%, other 3%

Labor Force Agriculture 26%, industry 17%, services 57%

PCVs 1962–1974, 2002–present CURRENT: 243; Youth & Community Economic Development, Health, Environment; TTD: 3,475