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Indonesia 2017




In West Sumatra, a bride with her maids awaits the groom for their wedding procession through town. Dancers from the bride’s family, balancing white bowls on their heads, will lead the couple in. These bowls are filled with food for a great feast in the longhouse of the groom’s family. Minangkabau custom blends Islamic law with earlier traditions or adat. After the wedding, the husband will live in his wife’s house, and their property will pass to their daughters. Because of this, some men today marry outside of the community.
– Charles Eilers ©2013 | PCV Nigeria and Ethiopia 1966–1969 | Teaching Training

Republik Indonesia
Southeastern Asia

Area 1.9M km²

Population 256M (135/km²)

Gov’t Republic

Capital Jakarta (10.3M)

GCP/capita $11,300

Unemployment 6%

In poverty 11%

Life expectancy 73 yrs

Infact Mortality 24/K live births


Literacy 94%

Languages Bahasa Indonesian, English, Dutch, local Javanese dialects

Religions Muslim 87%, Christian 7%, Catholic 3%, Hindu 2%, other 1%

Labor Force Agriculture 39%, industry 13%, services 48%

PCVs 1963–1965, 2010–present CURRENT: 119, Education; TTD: 310