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Film: Denias, Singing on the Cloud (Denias, Senandung Di Atas Awan)
Director: John de Rantau , 2006
Languages: Indonesian, Papuan Malay
Summary: A movie based on a true story about a boy in a remote village in the island of Papua, whose learning spirit is so strong he's willing to take a long, rough journey to go to a school. Denias is from Aroanop, a small village at Jayawijaya Mountain in western Papua Island. A poor villager in Papua, Denias's dream is to get a better education by going to school. He travels for days crossing fields, mountains and rivers to get to a school in the nearest city, but when he gets there, he faces discrimination due to his lowly status as a peasant. Regardless of the hardships he faces, Denias never gives up, and with the help of two friends, he finds the strength to persevere.

“… a fantastic film with some wonderful acting and absolutely breathtaking views of West Papua in Indonesia. … tremendous insight given in to the inhabitants of this remote region. We see the education system in this neck of the woods and the opportunities or lack of opportunities. It really puts Indonesia on the map; generally news coming out of such an amazing country tends to be rather negative. Great actors and some brilliant scenes full of emotion.”

Received the 2007 Asia Pacific Screen Award for Best Children's Feature Film.

Selected as the official Indonesian entry to the 2008 80th Academy Awards, in the Best Foreign Language Film category.