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International Calendar 2017

Assigned to serve in many corners of the world, Peace Corps Volunteers confront languages they may not speak very well. As new arrivals, they must often find ways to communicate that transcend language. Music is one of the most elemental, engaging, and universal ways to connecting and building relationships. It often opens the way to deeper understanding. Eventually volunteers learn to speak the native tongue of their communities, but then—usually after 27 months—they head home. But this is not the end of a Peace Corps Volunteer’s service. It is only the beginning of an ongoing responsibility to communicate and share with those at home some of what they have experienced and learned. This is the Peace Corps' "Third Goal"—to help promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans.


RPCVs in Madison, Wisconsin, share their expanded world through the creation of the International Calendar. Every year since 1988, a new calendar has provided glimpses of other people, places, and customs. It features beautiful and compelling photographs from parts of the world that volunteers have been lucky enough to experience.

Proceeds from calendar sales are donated each year to many projects dear to the hearts of RPCVs. The building of schools, libraries, and rural health clinics, the establishment of clean water systems, HIV/AIDS training, gender equality programs, and agriculture improvements are among the many projects supported by proceeds of calendar sales. Many of these important projects are funded through the Peace Corps Partnership Program.

By buying this calendar, not only are you helping RPCVs achieve the Third Goal, you are also supporting good works at home and abroad. Your support is one more way of transcending language and sending a message that can be understood by everyone.

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