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How It Goes in Mexico: Essays from an Expatriate

How It Goes in Mexico: Essays from an Expatriate
Carol Merchasin, 2014

Publisher: Shebooks
Format: E-book, File Size: 1942 KB
Print Length: 54 pages

Synopsis: Carol Merchasin first visited San Miguel de Allende in 1996, fell in love with its language, people, and culture, and moved there full-time with her husband in 2005. A lawyer by training, Merchasin is curious about how everything around her in Mexico works—the health care system, religious rituals, loaning money, small change at the market, narcotrafficantes, telenovelas, and the subtleties between the verbs ser and estar. An intrepid researcher, she informally consults her neighbors, history books, and experts until she’s satisfied. The essays in How It Goes in Mexico are by turns funny and poignant, and the portrayal of Mexico is neither romantic nor wary but respectful and compassionate.