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Mongolia 2017




At the annual Eagle Hunters’ Festival in Ulgii, in western Mongolia, a Kazakh girl holds her 18-pound female golden eagle. A few girls now hunt with the men, and this girl’s hat, made of furs from animals she has caught, is a testament to her skill. The hunters on horseback carry their hooded eagles as they ride the rugged mountain slopes, releasing the eagles to soar and catch foxes, martens, or wolves. This eagle knows her trainer’s call well: in this competition, the girl rode and called her eagle successfully from a nearby mountaintop.
– Jean Gendreau ©2014

Mongol Uls
Note: Mongolian script to come
Northern Asia

Area 1.6M km²

Population 3M (2/km²)

Gov’t Parliamentary

Capital Ulaanbaatar (1.4M)

GCP/capita $12,500

Unemployment 8%

In poverty 30%

Life expectancy 69 yrs

Infact Mortality 22/K live births


Literacy 98%

Languages Khalkha Mongol, Turkic, Russian

Religions Buddhist 53%, Muslim 3%, Shamanist 3%, Christian 2%, none 39%

Labor Force Agriculture 29%, industry 21%, services 50%

PCVs 1991–present CURRENT: 141, Education, Youth Development, Health; TTD: 1,225;