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Morocco 2017




In the bleak desert near the great sand dunes of Erg Chebbi in southeastern Morocco, a Berber woman with a flair for color and design leans against the wall of her adobe home. She is waiting for a ride to fetch water from a nearby well. Her traditional Berber cloak (halk), ankle-length trousers (chalwar), and headdress protect her from the intense heat and sun—and like the door of her home, they inject vivid color in this dun-colored landscape.
– Roger Landrum ©2015 | PCV Nigeria 1961–1963 | Education

Al Maghrib
Note: Arabic script to come
Northern Africa

Area 447K km²

Population 33.3M (75/km²)

Gov’t Constitutional Monarchy

Capital Rabat (2M)

GCP/capita $8,300

Unemployment 10%

In poverty 15%

Life expectancy 77 yrs

Infact Mortality 24/K live births


Literacy 69%

Languages Arabic, Berber languages, French

Religions Muslim 99%, other 1%

Labor Force Agriculture 39%, industry 20%, services 41%

PCVs 1963–present CURRENT: 181, Youth Development; TTD: 4,830