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The village of Boundissinti is small and remote—mostly straw houses and a few mud-brick structures surrounded by millet fields. With the entire village of sixty people gathered under the shade tree for an important meeting, a few older men sit braiding grasses into rope. The grasses are formed into a starter loop that is hooked over the big toe as an anchor, allowing the weaver to braid the grasses into long lengths of rope. As the meeting progresses and the discussion continues, the ropes grow longer and longer.
– Pamela Britton White ©2006
PCV Niger 1969–1970
Maternal and Child Health

República del Perú
Western South America

Area 1.3M km2 (54th)

Population 30.4 mil (23/km²)

Gov’t Constitutional Republic

Capital Lima (9.9M)

GCP/capita $12,300

Unemployment 9%

In poverty 26%

Life expectancy 73 yrs

Infact Mortality 20/1K live births


Literacy 95%

Languages Spanish, Quechua, Aymara

Religions Roman Catholic 81%, Evangelical 13%, other 3%

Labor Force Agriculture 26%, industry 17%, services 57%

PCVs 1962–1974, 2002–present CURRENT: 243; Youth & Community Economic Development, Health, Environment; TTD: 3,475