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Peru 2017




Framed by the towering cloud-covered Andes Mountains, a dirt road meanders along the green pastures of El Valle Sagrado, the Sacred Valley. This fertile rolling highland, home to Machu Picchu and Cusco, is the former capital of the Inca empire and later of the Spanish colonialists. Stretching more than sixty kilometers, the Sacred Valley encompasses the imperial history of ancient Peru and is nature at its most beautiful.
– Mark Safran ©2016

República del Perú
Western South America

Area 1.3M km2 (54th)

Population 30.4 mil (23/km²)

Gov’t Constitutional Republic

Capital Lima (9.9M)

GCP/capita $12,300

Unemployment 9%

In poverty 26%

Life expectancy 73 yrs

Infact Mortality 20/1K live births


Literacy 95%

Languages Spanish, Quechua, Aymara

Religions Roman Catholic 81%, Evangelical 13%, other 3%

Labor Force Agriculture 26%, industry 17%, services 57%

PCVs 1962–1974, 2002–present CURRENT: 243; Youth & Community Economic Development, Health, Environment; TTD: 3,475