Photo © 2007 - Iquitos, Peru

From Iquitos, the largest city in the Peruvian rainforest, we traveled down the Amazon to a Ribere“os village near the confluence of the Napo River and disembarked at the village landing. As always, many curious children came to the dock to meet the arriving boats. This girl was very proud of her pet sloth and was quite happy to find that I appreciated her pet. From that time on, I had a young friend in the village. Usually girls this age must care for younger siblings and have big responsibilities at an early age. Perhaps she was the youngest child in her family and was devoting herself to taking good care of the sloth.
John Schilling


Peru/Republica del Peru
In western South America. Tropical east, dry desert in west, coastal plain, rugged Andes mtns in center; lowland jungle/Amazon basin east. 1,285,216 km2 (slightly < AK), 3% arable.

Capital Lima (5.7M)
Population 29.25M (53/km2)
Life expectancy 72.5 years
Literacy 93%
Lang(s) Spanish (official) 84%, Quecha official 13%, Aymara 2%, Ashaninka 0.3%, other native (many minor Amazonian) 0.7%, other 0.2%
Religions Roman Catholic 81%, Evangelical 13%, other 3%, unspecified/none 3%
Ethnic Groups Amerindian 45%, mestizo 37%, white 15%, black, Japanese, Chinese, other 3%
Gov’t Republic
GDP/cap $9,200
PCVs 1962-74; 2002 to present; small business development, community health, environment awareness, youth (Volunteers in country: 270; total to date: 2,944)
Nat’l holiday Independence Day, 28 July (1821)


Focus word for 2012 - "Freedom"

Aymara: Antutaña



Peru: Photographs
by Robert Frank
Book Description
Documents the country's massive vistas, weathered faces, manual labor and dusty roads stretching to the horizon with a spontaneity of motion that propels the viewer into the midst of the scenery.


Kids' Books

Tonight is Carnaval
by Arthur Dorros; illustrated with arpilleras sewn by the members of the Club de Madres Virgen del Carmen of Lima, Peru
Publisher: Dutton, c1991
ISBN-13: 978-0-525-44641-5
Interest Level: K-3
Ages 6-9



Eva Ayllon
Music from Peru



Octubre, Daniel Vega, Diego Vega (2010)



T'antawawa breads/Andean bread babies
Frijal colado/Sweet black bean puree dessert