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Togo 2017




Responsibility comes early in many West African families. Boys and girls care for younger siblings, work in family gardens, and sell produce. This young entrepreneur is selling carrots to his Ewe village neighbors to earn money for his family. Ideally, his work takes place after school. In reality, the high cost of school fees, books, and uniforms can put education beyond the reach of many families. Still, education is highly values and families work hard to education their children.
– Charles Eilers ©2014 | PCV Nigeria and Ethiopia 1966–1969 | Teaching Training

République Togolaise
Western Africa

Area 56.8K km²

Population 7.5M (132/km²)

Gov’t Republic under transition to Multi-Party Democratic Rule

Capital Lomé (956K)

GCP/capita $1,500

Unemployment 7%

In poverty 32%

Life expectancy 65 yrs

Infact Mortality 45/K live births


Literacy 67%

Languages French, Ewe, Mina, Kabye, Dagomba

Religions Christian 29%, Muslim 20%, indigenous 51%

Labor Force Agriculture 65%, industry 5%, services 30%

PCVs 1962–present CURRENT: 84; Education, Environment, Health; TTD: 2,850