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Every year 100% of the proceeds from the International Calendar are donated to projects around the world. The following are the projects supported by 2010 International Calendar sales.

Read what the Peace Corps Office of Private Sector Initiative says about the RPCVs of WI-Madison

Donation Requests from the Proceeds of Sales of the 2010 Calendar

Project Title Location Amount Donated
1. Guatemala School Retaining Wall Guatemala $1,200
2. Nicaragua Farmer-to-Farmer Program Nicaragua  
3. Nicaragua School Garden Project Nicaragua $800
4. Sierra Leone Tales Sierra Leone $1,200
5. Sierra Leone Resource Center/Library Sierra Leone $1,200
6. Moldova Civic Education Moldova $1,000
7. Sierra Leone Secondary Math Workshops Sierra Leone $1,200
8. Sierra Leone School Water Pump Liberia $1,200
9. Guatemala Early Childhood Education Guatemala $900
10. Ecuador Computer and Printer for Library Ecuador $1,200
11. Uganda Solar Powered School Uganda $1,000
12. Gambia School Computer and Printer The Gambia $1,100
13. Ghana School Library Ghana $1,000
14. Kenya Brickmaking Project Kenya $600
15. Tanzania Girls’ Dormitory Tanzania $1,100
16. Guatemala Water System Repair Guatemala $1,000
Number of Requests:

2010 Giftaway Contributions to Locally-Sponsored Projects

Project Title Location Amount Donated
Playgrounds for Palestine Palestine $1,200
Well Pumps for Rural Nicaragua Nicaragua $500
Clay Water Filters for El Terrero, Nicaragua Nicaragua $1,000
Knitting Supplies – Afghans for Afghans Madison/Afghanistan $800
ENGAGE Global Civil Society Educator Exchange Thailand $1,500
Tanzania Development Support for Secondary Schools Tanzania $1,025
Bathrooms and Septic Tanks for School in Liberia Liberia $1,750
Training on Serious Mental Illness in Ukraine Ukraine $1,600
Educational Resources for Nueva Esperanza-Chacula Guatemala $1,375
Salasaca Library Project Ecuador $1,750
Catalyst Foundation Vietnam Aid Expedition Vietnam $1,000
Food Security for Low-Income Households Madison, WI $500
Wisconsin Public Radio Wisconsin $500
WORT-FM Madison, WI $500
TOTAL $15,000