Salasaca, Ecuador

High in the central Andes of Ecuador is the indigenous community of Salasaca, situated on the side of the Tungurahua volcano. The Salasacas have preserved their traditions and customs, and are especially known for their beautiful tapestries which they weave by hand on looms of ancient technology. Their early morning markets are always busy with the sounds of people arriving to buy and sell.
The father of this little girl is a Salasaca weaver and maintains a stall at the local market.  When he and his wife go to sell their weavings, they take their two children with them to market where the kids will spend the day— in this case apparently coloring with crayons like children the world over.
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Ecuador/República del Ecuador
Western South America

Area 283,561 km² (74th)

Arable 5.7%

Capital Quito (1.6M)

Population 15,223,680 (54/km²) 

Literacy 91%

Life expectancy 76 yrs

In poverty 29%

HIV/AIDS 0.4% (37,000 adults)

GDP/capita $8,500

Military 0.9% of GDP (141 of 195)

Peace ranking 85th

Languages Spanish, Indigenous (Quechua, Shuar)

Religions Roman Catholic 95%, other 5% 

Gov’t Republic

Agriculture bananas, plantains, coffee, cocoa, rice, potatoes, manioc, sugarcane, livestock, dairy, seafood, balsa

Industry petroleum, food processing, textiles, wood products, chemicals

PCVs 1962-present, current 146, TTD 6,079; community development, education, health

Focus word for 2014 - "Home"

Spanish: casa (cah-sah)
Quechua: illacta (yock-tuh)

indigenous design from Nepal

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Director: Sebastian Cordero (2004)
Crónicas is a 2004 Ecuadorian thriller film,
written and directed by Sebastián Cordero.

Children of the Jaguar.
Director: Eriberto Gualinga Montalvo (2012)



First Comes Love, Then Comes Malaria, How a Peace Corps Poster Boy Won My Heart & a Third World Adventure Changed My Life
by Eve Brown-Waite, 2009
Book Description
A humorous and moving account of PCV in Ecuador in late 1980s.

Kids' Books

The Queen of Water
by L. Resau
2011. 346 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0375859632
Ages 12-up

Dance & Music

Music of Ecuador – Zapateado Ecuatociano
Composer: Carlos Bonilla Chavez
Guitarist: Fabian Carrera

Ecuador Music

Ecuador Incas


Pan de Yucca/Cheesy Yuca Bread
Encebollado de pescado/Ecuadorian tuna soup
Horchata lojana/Mixed herbal tea