In Southeastern Asia; coastal plains rising to hills and mountains. 329,847 km2 (slightly > NM), 5% arable.

Capital Kuala Lumpur (pop est. 1.5M)
Population 25.7M (77.9/km2)
Life expectancy 73 years
Literacy 89%
Lang(s) Bahasa Malaysia (official), English, Chinese, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Panjabi, Thai
Religions Muslim 60%, Buddhist 19%, Christian 9%, Hindu 6%, Confucianism, Taoism, other traditional Chinese religions 3%, other or unknown 2%
Ethnic Groups Malay 50%, Chinese 24%, indigenous 11%, Indian 7%, other 8%
Gov’t Constitutional Monarchy
GDP/cap $14,700
PCVs 1962 – 1983, health and education (4067 volunteers served)
Nat’l holiday Independence Day/Malaysia Day, 31 August (1957)

Focus word for 2011 - "Celebration"

Malay: Selemat bulan tahun (say-la-mahtt boo-lawn ta-hoon)


Crossroads: A Popular History of Malaysia and Singapore
by Jim Baker
Book Description
Baker's thrilling book profits from his refusal to separate Singapore's history from Malaysia's. What we get is a broad story filled with surprising details drawn from his own experiences and from other scholarly works, and told in an easy and captivating style.

Kids' Books

The bee tree
by Stephen Buchmann and Diana Cohn; with illustrations by Paul Mirocha.
El Paso, TX: Cinco Puntos Press, 2007.
Ages 7 to 11.


Melissa Indot
Music from Malaysia


Talentime (Yasmin Ahmad, 2009)


Laksa Lemak/Laksa with Shrimp and Tofu
Teh Tarik/Pulled Tea