In Northern Asian, vast semi desert and desert plains, grassy steppe, mountains in west and southwest; Gobi Desert in south-central. 1,564,116km2 (slightly < AK); 0.8% arable.

Capital Ulaanbaatar (Pop: 619,000)
Population 3M (2/ km2)
Life expectancy 67 years
HIV/AIDS >0.1%
Literacy 98%
Lang(s) Khalkha Mongol (90%), Turkic, Russian
Religions Buddhist Lamaist 50%, None 40%, Shamanist and Christian 6%, Muslim 4%
Ethnic Groups Mongol (Mostly Khalkha) 95%, Turkic (mostly Kazakh) 5%
Gov’t Mixed parliamentary/presidential
GDP/cap $3,300
PCVs 1991-present; Education, health & HIV/AIDS, business development, youth (Volunteers in country: 96; total to date (TTD): 660)
Nat’l holiday Independence Day / Revolution Day, 11 July (1921)

Focus word for 2010 - “Justice”

Shudraga yos (SHOO-DRUG YOH-SS)


Mongolia: Travels in the Untamed Land
by Jasper Becker
Book Description
For seventy years, it was a forbidden country, shrouded in darkness. Now witness the birth of one of the world’s youngest democracies as well as the deep and tragic impact of the rules of Mao and Stalin on the Mongolian people.
The author witnesses the birth of one of the world’s youngest democracies and its tragic legacy of communism.

Kids' Books

Horse Song: The Naadam of Mongolia
by Lewin, Ted and Betsy Lewin
Lee & low Books Inc.,
New York, NY 2008

Ages 7 to11.


Mongolia: Shamans and Lamas
Various Artists


The Cave of the Yellow Dog (Byambasuren Davaa)


Buuz/Small Filled Pockets, Steamed
Airag/Fermented Mare’s Milk